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Combo Of The Week

Choose 2 Appetizers & 2 Entree $13.99
Tuesday – Sunday From 12PM to 8P

Choose 2 Appetizers & 2 Entree $13.99
Tuesday – Sunday From 12PM to 8PM

Pick Two Appetizers

Mayta’s Romain Salad

Romain lettuce, julienne carrots, sliced cucumbers, sliced radish, red onions, house vinaigrette


Fried Crispy Brussel Sprouts

tossed w/ Peruvian sweet & spicy sauce


Peruvian Fried Empanadas

Steak, chicken or chorizo (Pick One)


Steak Kabob

skewered beef marinated in Peruvian spices


Chicken Wings

tossed w/ spicy & sweet sauce


Pick One Entree

Peruvian Chicken Breast Milanesa

Chicken breast milanesa, Peruvian style pesto suace, fettuccini pasta & parmesan cheese


Fettuccini A La Huacaina Con Lomo Al Jugo (Traditional Peruvian Meat Pasta Dish)

Tender steak wok w/ onions, tomatoes, Peruvian soy glaze, served w/ fettuccini tossed in huancaina sauce


Pollo A La Plancha (Grilled Chicken)

Chicken de-boned by hand marinated & grilled served w/ jasmine rice & sautéed vegetables


Mayta’s Style Kung Pao Chicken

Stir-fried shicken breast, fresh vegetables, sweet & spicy flavor & jasmine rice


Cilantro Braised Beef Top Round

Fresh fettuccini pasta tossed in marinara sauce, topped w/ parmesan cheese & fresh parsley